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About Me

I’m on a mission to help businesses and companies succeed with the power of digital marketing.

From managing million dollar digital advertising budgets to mentoring at digital marketing bootcamps, let’s explore how we can work together with your organisation to leverage game-changing digital strategies.

Currently, I’m heading the growth team at NEXT Academy, South East Asia’s best school for coding and digital marketing.

Past Accomplishments

Facebook For Business

“The transformational education company used Facebook Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences and link ads to connect with new and existing customers, resulting in a 40% reduction in cost per lead.”

Google Think

“With Automatic Targeting, they successfully met their business challenges and exceeded the targets they had set. Lead and sales conversions were up by 484% and traffic scaled up by 528%.”

1AES Entrepreneurs Summit

1AES Growth Hack is a chance for entrepreneurs to unlock growth potential with 1AES through hacking business plans and models.

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